Russian Gold Coated BMW M5

Meet gold coated BMW M5 from Moscow, Russia. All right we might not have enough dope on it right now, but the car has everyone’s head spinning. We are talking about the gold plated BMW M5 working wonders on the roads of Moscow. Well, we are not surprised because didn’t we get to see a gold-plated Porsche from Russia only!

So far the car is a real mystery, maybe that is just another reason why it is generating so much buzz. Some might think it is nothing but a vulgar display of money because of the yellow shine all over the body of the car, but then no one’s ignoring it. In fact, ‘English Russia’ reports that once a gold plated Porsche (maybe it’s the same one we talked about in para one) was hijacked in a busy Moscow street.

Well, these things happen when you are trying to grab everyone’s attention with your moolah. All we can say is watch out BMW M5 gold-plated car guy because we really don’t like to say, “We told you so.”

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